Jrock Radio AWARDS 2016

Jrock awards voting have been hacked:
By a group of Jrock Fans using bots to automatically vote for their favorite bands.
The voting numbers and the speed of the votes from “these fans” have grow the voting numbers to a without sense and ilogical vote for the real fans of ALL the bands.
So we reseted the votes for ALL the bands and take actions to not allow anonymous votes and require a social account.
You still have 3 months to vote.
You are free to vote not using automated methods, or not vote at all if you dont like this decision.
If somehow this happens again we will CLOSE completely the 2016 voting.
Our sincere apologies to all the real fans that voted.
Thank you.
Jrock radio

The votes for Jrock radio AWARDS 2016 are open! You can now vote for the best 10 Japanese bands of 2016.