YOUTUBE has Blocked videos of Japanese Bands in US and Its spreading to other countries!



As you may have read earlier, Youtube has blocked several videos of Japanese artists and bands. We can now confirm that is spreading to other countries, Canada and Puerto Rico. If you are in these countries you can’t watch the videos of hide Official Channel (X Japan).


Youtube has launched Youtube RED, with a lot of controversy, the new subscription service for $9.99 a month, subscribers are given ad-free access to Youtube . The reaction from the YouTube community has been mixed. Disney’s sports network ESPN announced that it has pulled all of its content from YouTube due to the YouTube Red subscription service, with the network stating that “rights and legal issues” prevent it from being part of YouTube Red at launch. YouTube says that companies that do not sign off on Youtube RED will find their videos not available to viewers.

This has affected some Japanese Record Labels and Bands. If you live in US, you can’t watch the videos of this Artists in their official channels.


The GazettE:



An Cafe:



Dir en Grey:

Danger Crue Records Official:

Victor Entertainment:

hide official Youtube channel:

And the list will grow and probably will extend to the Americas and others countries.
What do you think of this?


We added new bands and the links to the officials channels to the fans that simple search «insert Japanese artist or band here» and says that everything its ok.

Update 2:

YouTube Red is initially only being launched in the United States with no commitment to roll it out to a wider audience other than to state that the service will be “introduced to other major markets over the course of the next year.”