KAMIJO – Royal Blood ~Revival Best~



Japan’s Visual Kei Rock Artist, KAMIJO has just finished the South America leg of this 20th Anniversary World Tour, with a great success.
This was his first time to tour South America as a solo artist, and first tour in 4 years since his last tour with Versailles.
The last show of the tour was in Mexico City on May 31. At a 1,000 capacity venue packed up with screams and roars, KAMIJO performed 16 songs including the all-time fan favorites, including «fiancailles» the debut song from LAREINE, «MASQUERADE», «Destiny – The Lovers» from Versailles. And now the tour will move on to North America.

While causing sensation around the world, Kamijo will release his newly recorded self-cover album with 3 new songs, «Royal Blood – Revival Best» on July 15. This will follow his all-time best collection «20th Anniversary All Time Best – Kakumei No Keifu» that was released on June 10.
The artwork and tracklisting of «Royal Blood – Revival Best» is now revealed.

The album will feature 3 new songs – «Royal Blood» a new song recorded in celebration of his 20th anniversary, «Kono Yo De Ichiban Utsukushi Bara Yo», and «Hell» which shows KAMIJO ‘s new musical challenge. Together with the new songs, the album will highlight newly recorded versions of his ‘band-era’ with totally new arrangements. KAMIJO will revisit his all-time classics, including Versailles’ «God Palace», «Aristocrat’s Symphony», Lareine’s «Fuyu Tokyo», «Imperial Concerto», and «Bara Wa Utsukushiku Chiru», the theme song of the legendary animation/comic series «Versailles no Bara» (The Rose of Versailles). All of these classics are recorded under new arrangements and fresh interpretations which makes them sound like new songs by the solo artist, KAMIJO. While the album is revisiting the classic tracks from his career, it shows a totally new dimension of the music to the listeners, and brings them an extraordinary hybrid experience.

A CD+DVD limited edition featuring a special document unfolding the 20 years history of KAMIJO which includes rare footages from Versailles and Lareine days, and 4 live songs from his recent live in Tokyo (2014.12.13 at AiiA Theater Tokyo).

In ahead of the album release, KAMIJO will release the newly recorded version of «Imperial Concerto» from June 3, at 111 countries and territories around the world.

Also, to celebrate his birthday and the release of «Royal Blood – Revival Best», KAMIJO will appear at Tower Records Shinjuku on July 19 (Sun) for «Royal Blood – Revival Best» Release Event «7.19 Real Birthday Version».

「Royal Blood ~Revival Best~」Tracklisting
2. Imperial Concerto
3. Bara wa Utsukushiku Chiru
4. Aristocrat’s Symphony
5. Cho no Hana
7. Kono Yo de Ichiban Utsukushii Bara yo * New Song
8. Fuyu Tokyo
9. HEEL * New Song
10. God Palace
11.Royal Blood * New Song

DVD (for the limited CD+DVD edition)
[Documentary of KAMIJO 20th Anniversary]
1. LAREINE era 1
3. LAREINE era 2
4. Versailles
The Empire of Vampire at 2014.12.13 AiiA Theater Tokyo
1.Symphony of The Vampire 1st movement 「Presto」
2. Bastille
3. Dakishime Nagara
4. Sanctuary
KAMIJO reveals new re-recorded version of “Imperial Concerto” from his forthcoming album, “Royal Blood -Revival Best-“.
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